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The world's revolutionary first ~ no pulsation stable precision output mechanical diaphragm metering pump Liquid viscosity <= 10000 centipole, where stable output is required, for example: battery industry (instead of screw pump to transport slurry to coating machine)
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一、Product working principle

Using the stable flow characteristics of mechanical diaphragm metering pump, but there is pulsation in metering pump, so this product adopts star-shaped transmission box structure, three pump heads are 360 degree distribution (forming 120 degree phase difference), thereby reducing 86% pulsation. In addition, an air damper is installed at each pump head, so as to achieve no pulsation in this product.

When using metering pump, the viscous liquid will affect the drop of the outlet valve ball, thus affecting the flow accuracy. This product is equipped with stainless steel springs in the outlet valve ball, so that the drop of the valve ball will not be affected with the viscous liquid, thus ensuring the flow accuracy.

All metal parts in contact with liquid are health grade stainless steel, which are connected by quick loading and unloading clamps. The sealing material is silica gel, and the flow rate is adjusted manually or by PLC.

二、Product Flow Accuracy

Flow accuracy is less than 2%

三、Product application

Liquid viscosity <= 10000 centipole, where stable output is required, for example: battery industry (instead of screw pump to transport slurry to coating machine)

四、Comparisons between DOSENCE and Screw Pumps

a. DOSENCE can be idled.

It has no mechanical seal, even in idle operation, the product has no damage; but the screw pump does not have this characteristic. Once the screw pump idles, it will burn the mechanical seal quickly.

b. Less vulnerable parts, low maintenance cost

The vulnerable parts of this product are only diaphragm (cheap unit price), while the vulnerable parts of screw pump are stator and mechanical seal (expensive).

DOSENCE pulseless metering pumps are all connected by fast clamps (only the pump head is 4 internal hexagonal bolts). The disassembly is fast and convenient, and the replacement of vulnerable parts is very simple (after disassembling the pump head, the diaphragm can be removed by turning left, and the diaphragm can be installed by turning right). For maintenance workers, there is no technical requirement.

The disassembly of screw pump is time-consuming and laborious, and has technical requirements, which require high maintenance workers (e.g. installation of mechanical seals, the degree of spring compression directly affects the life of screw pump, pressure is too tight, mechanical seals wear too fast, pump life is short; without pressure, it is easy to leak liquid).

c. Low cost of the whole machine

Compared with DOSENCE pulse-free metering pump, the price of screw pump with the same precision is more than 30%.

d. Maintenance free

No parts need to be replaced regularly

e. No reflux

DOSENCE has no pulse metering pump inlet and outlet valves.

Equivalent to two one-way valves, so there is no reflux in the pump.

f. No internal leakage

There will be friction between the stator and the rotor of the screw pump. After using for a period of time, there will be wear and tear between the stator and the rotor, resulting in internal leakage, and the stability of flow will be deviated.

DOSENCE metering pump has no such worries.

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